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Behind-the-Scenes : New Year’s Eve Supper Club @ Malmaison


The Piccadilly Creative team had the privilege of partnering with one of my favorite restaurants in DC, Malmaison, to style their New Year’s Eve Supper Club. It was such a beautiful and magical evening.

We went with a Great Gatsby-esque theme complete with art deco details, palm fronds, a live swing band and quite a bit of mercury glass. That coupled with the old world charm of the restaurant made for a truly memorable start to 2015.


You can see all of the photos from the actual event on Piccadilly’s Facebook page.  While you’re there, would you mind taking a minute to like our page?


Hi Emily!

I thought it’d be fun to share a few of the behind-the-scenes photos of the Piccadilly team setting up that one of our favorite photographers, John Jacks, from the Piccadilly Little Black Book took. Thanks Jacks!


 “And now we welcome the new year. Full of things that have never been.”  

– Rainer Maria Rilke



Junk In the Trunk l Volume 2 l Christmas Edition

One of the less glamorous parts of running your own events company is the amount of STUFF you end up hauling around on a regular basis.  At any given moment I might have everything from tree branches to tulle stuffed in the back of my car.  I’m a veritable party on wheels.  You never know when the trunk will explode with confetti.

So without further ado, I give you…


Volume 2


It’s Christmas time and that means my trunk is full of lots of fun surprises for my family and friends! While I can’t tell you what’s in these packages I can say that along with gifts there’s still a lot of randomness in the trunk including… a framed portrait of myself (what you don’t keep framed photos of yourself in your car?), an unassembled dresser, a random gold painted tree branch, someone else’s shoes, spray paint & glitter paper (of course!).

You might notice I have something of a theme going on with my wrapping paper.  Am I the only one who does that?


WSP : Pineapples & Preteens

WSP BannerI’m a little behind in getting this up this week, but this weekend was just too fun to skip. Mostly because my little isn’t so little after all.  She turned 13 this weekend and I think I’m still in shock.  It seems like just yesterday she was my real life doll to play with and now she’s grown into a beautiful, kind and amazing young woman.

Give me a moment while I look for a tissue…

She’s quite the planner and undoubtedly will be working with me on the Piccadilly team in no time.  She had everything organized down to the minute and a clear vision of how we were going to style the party.  We used every bright color imaginable,  gold spray painted pineapples and disco balls to decorate because… of course!  That combined with a bunch of giggling teenage girls and the party was quite a success.  I loved getting to be 13 again for the weekend, even if I couldn’t quite stay up as late as they did.

The other lovely part of being home this weekend was that it really felt like FALL.  The cool air, the smell of wood smoke, the crunch of fallen leaves and snuggling up under a warm blanket with a good book all made this an idyllic weekend at home.

Hope your weekend was just as cozy!Signature

The Dream Team

Group Photo 1

Starting a business is crazy.  Starting a business with friends is crazy FUN! I’m convinced that friends make everything better. I am have been HUGELY blessed to start this adventure with some of the most incredible women I have ever had the privilege of meeting.

They have cheered me on…coached me through numerous challenges…shared their wisdom…encouraged me in low points…celebrated with me… put up with my crazy…made me laugh until I couldn’t breathe…and a day doesn’t go by that I’m not overwhelmed with gratitude that they’ve each agreed to come along on this crazy adventure as part of the Piccadilly Creative team.


These women are each amazing in their own right. Creative, inspiring, beautiful, fun, talented and just enough crazy to know they belong on the team. 🙂

Ashlynn is an incredible combination of organization and creativity.  She continually amazes me with her ability to communicate with grace and ease.  She makes every day brighter.

Janelle is joy personified.  Her very being inspires you to dream. She is an encourager, an artist and a beauty.  Everything she touches becomes more beautiful.

Emily is amazing.  Sweet and soft-spoken, her witty sense of humor cracks me up on the reg. She can take anything and make a masterpiece out of it. Her eye for beauty and skill for creating always leave me a little bit in awe.

Bethany is my BFF. Her laugh is contagious.  Her hope and conviction inspiring. She can organize even the biggest mess and always does so with the most brilliant smile.

Tanya is my sister from another mister.  When we met it was if we’d been friends forever. Her love for people constantly inspires me. She has the uncanny ability to get the job done and make it you feel like it was a party in the process.

You can read more about each of them on the Piccadilly website.

I’m so grateful to be on this adventure with each of them.  Here’s to many more exciting adventures to come!Cheers

I love us.



All photos provided courtesy of Mary Evans Photography.

WSP: Feathers & Flower Crowns

WSP Banner


This weekend was full and oh-so-wonderful!  Any time that flower crowns and baseball games meet is a-ok with me.  This weekend included… bright blue skies and stunning sunrises and sunsets (I saw both multiple times)… a trip to my happy place aka the floral warehouse… quality time with people that have I adore and make my world so much more sparkly.

I kicked the weekend off with prop styling and prep for the Beautiful You Photoshoot with my beautiful friend Emily of Either/Or Design.  She’s also part of the Piccadilly Creative team and I am constantly blown away by her creativity and ability to turn what could otherwise be ordinary objects into a work of art.  We made made flower crowns and played in a tent.  It was basically the best time I’ve had since I was 10!  Oh, and did I mention she has the cutest puppy ever?!?!

This weekend also included a first for me… watching a Nats game from a suite… guys, OMG, you guys… I’m ruined for watching a game any other way.  Talk about being spoiled!  It was such a fun night with the best roomies in the world.  #sportsandsparkles


Saturday I had the privilege of working with the Piccadilly Creative team to style the annual Beautiful You photoshoot.  If you haven’t checked out Beautiful You yet, I can’t recommend them enough. It’s an incredible group committed to seeing women understand their value, pursue their dreams and step into their purpose.  What a privilege to work with them!  They’re also an incredibly creative group and getting to spend the day creating and capturing beauty with them was an absolute blast.  On top of that we got to work with one of our favorite photographers from Piccadilly’s Little Black Book, John Jacks.  The shots he captured are mind-blowing. Can’t wait to show you.  These are just a few that I captured on my iPhone.

 I hope your weekend was just as inspiring and beauty-filled!


#PiccadillyCreative Contest

I am so excited to finally have the brand new Piccadilly website out in the world. In fact, I’m so SO EXCITED I want the whole WORLD to see it!


This week we’re holding a contest on social media for the “Most Creative” share of www.piccadilly-creative.com.

Here’s how it works… YOU use your crazy-awesome-creative skills to share the link with your friends, family and/or random strangers and then tell us about it! Make sure you include #piccadillycreative and tag us on Facebook or Twitter/Instagram (@piccadillydc) in order to be considered.

The contest closes at 5pm this Thursday and the winner will be announced on Friday. Speaking of winner… did we mention the prize is a $35 gift certificate to one of our all time favorite DC shops, Salt & Sundry?


Here we go!


Piccadilly Website Launch!

It’s finally the here! The day I’ve been dreaming of and we’ve been working towards.  Today we launch the new Piccadilly brand and website.PC_logo


In case you were wondering….


Our mission is to bring fun and sparkle to every creative venture by providing unforgettable customer service, connection to cause and by#crushingit consistently.


You can read more by visiting the new website at www.piccadilly-creative.com

(Photo Credit: Mary Evans)

The Piccadilly team celebrated the launch this past weekend.  Aren’t these photos fun?

Now go check out the new site!


Living the Dream

When I was little I dreamed about being all grown up and living on my own in a house that looked a lot like the castle from Candy Land.

I used to dream about NEVER having to go to school again.

I used to dream about waking up each day and going to work (ah! I was so innocent) and supporting myself (Thank you Destiny’s Child for glamorizing the thought of paying my own bills).


I used to dream about living with my best friends, singing, traveling the world, and starting my own business…

This is the crazy part though.  It’s happening you guys!   Even on the most stressful days when I can’t tell which way is up, I’m reminded that I once dreamed about these moments. I couldn’t be more overwhelmed with excitement, scared out of my mind and grateful…truly, truly grateful.


Take a minute.  This moment you are living in.  At one point in your life, you dreamed about it.

Maybe your dream doesn’t look like you imagined?  Perhaps it’s come with a few more complications than you ordered (isn’t it funny how we act like that sometimes)… but still,  at the end of the day, there’s so much to be grateful for.

At one point in your life, you dreamed about this moment.  You are, in fact, living the dream.  Enjoy it. Relish in the moment. Keep going. There’s more dreams to be had.



Photos provided courtesy of Erica Baker Photography


Confront Your Fear

Fear is a pretty big liar.  I know because I’ve heard its voice many a time.  It tells you that you can’t do it.  It tells you that the worst thing you can imagine isn’t really the worst.  It tells you that you are alone.


When I was five it told me I wouldn’t have any friends.

When I was eight it told me I would never have siblings.

When I was twelve it told me I could not sing.

When I was fourteen it told me I’d never be accepted.

When I was sixteen it told me I’d never have a boyfriend.

When I was eighteen it told me I couldn’t make it on my own.

When I was twenty it told me I wouldn’t make the grade.

When I was twenty-two it told me I didn’t have what it takes.

When I was twenty-four it told me I was unlovable.

When I was twenty-seven it told me I would never reach my dreams.

When I was thirty it told me I would always be alone.

When I am thirty-two it tells me all of the above (and more)… daily.

LaurenModny_WarriorGoddess-11The thing is though, fear can say whatever it wants.  It can talk until it’s blue in the face for all I care. That doesn’t make it true.

I have a choice on what I listen to and what I allow to influence my life.  I daily have to make the decision that fear does not get to have the final say in my life.  Yes, it’s scary. Yes, it’s loud. Yes, sometimes it can appear as truth. Yes, sometimes if feels impossible to hear anything else.

Just because fear speaks, doesn’t make it truth.

You (and I) are responsible for what we choose to allow in our lives and what we choose to confront.


Someone wonderful told me recently that confronting is simply choosing to face.  To turn around and face head on the thing that has been chasing you all along.  To plant your feet and believe that you are not alone in that moment.  Believe that you have what it takes.

Today, let’s commit to confront our fear.  I can promise you the voice will come. It will tell you that you are not enough.  It will tell you that you don’t have what it takes.  It will tell you any number of things, but I’m here to tell you. It’s not the truth.


It’s only when you choose to face your fear that you realize it’s been powerless all along and it is only then, that you can experience true freedom.


Photos : Lauren Modny Photography

Styling & Creative Direction : StartCloseIn & Piccadilly

Model : Ashlynn