Weekly Inspiration l 3-20-15

Weekly Inspiration

I love the juxtaposition of the graphic black & white against the wild and lushness of the tropics. Counting down the days until I see a palm tree again. I’m dreaming in black & white & sunshine.

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Hi! Hello.

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Sometime’s life sends you last minute surprises in the shape of cheap tickets to one of your favorite places. I’m spending a few days in Miami soaking up sunshine, blue water and creative inspiration.  Basically, I’m in heaven.  I’m sure to be posting about it next week when I get back, but in the meantime feel free to hop over to instagram to follow along. I’ll try to keep the selfie to regular post ratio good.

Here’s to 2015! Already a joyride.





I watched the Super Bowl online tonight. My day was full of fun things like church and brunch and spray painting hula hoops (it’s my life) and before I realized it, it was 5:30pm and I hadn’t made plans to watch the Super Bowl anywhere. Yikes! Now, let’s be honest, I don’t tend to watch sports.  This shirt generally tends to summarize my feelings about sports… all of them.

hooray sports


That being said, I’m a born and raised New Englander and this was the Super Bowl. My team was there. I had to watch. Given my lack of poor planning however, I ended up watching the game livestream with my friend, Ashlynn. (She’s the best!)  That meant that in addition to wine and chocolate, we had about a 2 minute delay in the game.  While this didn’t stop us from enjoying the game (read: talking about our feelings during the game and watching the commercials) and the half time show (I ❤ Katy Perry & the dancing sharks), it did lend itself to a unique experience.



As has always been the case during the Super Bowl, my Dad called me during the game.  In fact, he called every time New England scored. Given that we were watching with a two minute delay it was like seeing into the future. I’d be holding my breathe for a big play right as the phone would ring and I’d answer to hear my Dad’s voice saying that everything was going to be ok.  This was particularly comforting in the last two minutes of the game (can we talk about that interception?!?!).  When he called for the last time all he said was,

“I know you haven’t seen it yet, but don’t worry. I already have. It’s our game. We’ve got this.”

That one sentence hit me and in a moment I felt the words echo in my heart from my heavenly father.  You see this has been something of a challenging season. I’ve found myself in the midst of the unknown. I’ve been surrounded by what seem to be insurmountable mountains. Definitely out of the boat and feeling the water start to lap at my ankles. In the midst of it all, I’ve been desperate to know what’s next.

It only took that one little phone call to remind me though, that I have a God who sees way more than two minutes into the future. He’s a God who has promised to work all things together for my good (Rom. 8:28) and is as we speak doing what is needed to ensure that I win in life. I may not know what tomorrow holds, but I do know that He’s already in it and always has my best interest in mind.



So, tonight I’m grateful for a few things…

I’m grateful that the Patriots won!

I’m grateful for #KatyPerry. (This was me)

I’m grateful for dancing sharks.

and, most of all, I’m grateful for a God that sees the future and is saying

“Hey! Don’t worry. It’s our game. We’ve got this.”




Weekly Inspiration l 10-10-14

Weekly Inspiration


Although I think I now meet the definition of a city girl, at heart there’s still a bit of country left in me. There are days where I long to get lost in the woods, to smell the the fresh moss and ferns, to bury my face in the wildflowers.  There’s something about the change in season that makes me miss it.

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Confront Your Fear

Fear is a pretty big liar.  I know because I’ve heard its voice many a time.  It tells you that you can’t do it.  It tells you that the worst thing you can imagine isn’t really the worst.  It tells you that you are alone.


When I was five it told me I wouldn’t have any friends.

When I was eight it told me I would never have siblings.

When I was twelve it told me I could not sing.

When I was fourteen it told me I’d never be accepted.

When I was sixteen it told me I’d never have a boyfriend.

When I was eighteen it told me I couldn’t make it on my own.

When I was twenty it told me I wouldn’t make the grade.

When I was twenty-two it told me I didn’t have what it takes.

When I was twenty-four it told me I was unlovable.

When I was twenty-seven it told me I would never reach my dreams.

When I was thirty it told me I would always be alone.

When I am thirty-two it tells me all of the above (and more)… daily.

LaurenModny_WarriorGoddess-11The thing is though, fear can say whatever it wants.  It can talk until it’s blue in the face for all I care. That doesn’t make it true.

I have a choice on what I listen to and what I allow to influence my life.  I daily have to make the decision that fear does not get to have the final say in my life.  Yes, it’s scary. Yes, it’s loud. Yes, sometimes it can appear as truth. Yes, sometimes if feels impossible to hear anything else.

Just because fear speaks, doesn’t make it truth.

You (and I) are responsible for what we choose to allow in our lives and what we choose to confront.


Someone wonderful told me recently that confronting is simply choosing to face.  To turn around and face head on the thing that has been chasing you all along.  To plant your feet and believe that you are not alone in that moment.  Believe that you have what it takes.

Today, let’s commit to confront our fear.  I can promise you the voice will come. It will tell you that you are not enough.  It will tell you that you don’t have what it takes.  It will tell you any number of things, but I’m here to tell you. It’s not the truth.


It’s only when you choose to face your fear that you realize it’s been powerless all along and it is only then, that you can experience true freedom.


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Looking Forward

As this first #blogiversary week draws to a close I wanted to share a few exciting things with you.  I’m so incredibly relieved and honestly really proud of myself for meeting my goal.  I’m also tired. Can I take a nap, please? Posting five times a week takes time and usually that time happens in the middle of the night.  It’s not to say that it hasn’t been worth it, it totally has been, but I’m excited for some changes moving forward.

Namely, you may notice that I may not be posting quite as often over the summer months.

Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere.  

I’m just feeling the call to transfer some of the discipline that I have developed over this past year into some other areas of my life.  I proved to myself that I can do it in this area, now I’m working to transfer that skill elsewhere.  I have some other exciting projects I’m working on (I can’t wait to tell you all about them!) AND I’ve been feeling the need to rest.  That can almost seem like a dirty word in our super busy society, but I wholeheartedly believe in it’s importance.  That being said, I’m committing over the summer to focus on taking time to enjoy the moments…to laugh at the jokes…to have long chats on the porch…to lay in the sunshine… fall asleep in the hammock…read a book (or at least finish one)… make new friends and celebrate old ones… and, to really revel in the amazing adventure that is life.

make some memories


So while I may not be posting quite as often (I’m aiming for 2-3x a week instead of 5x), you can rest assured that I’m not going to lose momentum.  I’m more focused than ever.  I have more ideas than ever.  I’m also more excited than ever because I can see the amazing things that are in store.

I hope you’ll come along with me on this journey.  I really do believe the BEST is yet to come!

Signaturep.s. I’m also going to be taking into account your feedback from the survey here as I plan ahead for the next few months.