Birthday Brunch


I believe in birthdays.  I believe in celebrating. I don’t care how old you are.

Throw some glitter. Make it rain!

That’s my motto. Figuratively of course, have you ever tried to get glitter out of carpet? IMPOSSIBLE!

Anyways, a few weeks ago, I celebrated my birthday with amazing friends, cupcakes, sparkle and lots of Valentine’s Day goodness! It was so wonderful!


I’m so grateful that I have these amazing women (and one random flamingo) in my life!


Thanks for making my birthday so special!


Photo credits go to my wonderful friend, Erica, of Erica Baker Photography.



One thought on “Birthday Brunch

  1. Glitter can be wonderful, and then there are those times it can be devastating!!! A friend of mine covered her Halloween costume in spray glitter a few years ago. She is of course the friend that ended up spending the night in my house. I still find glitter in places that it really shouldn’t be possible to find glitter…and this is after one entire weekend of vacuuming, and two years of regular cleaning. Glitter costumes are now prohibited in my house!!! Hope you had a wonderful birthday, and make many more flamingo friends in the future, because one is just the loneliest number!

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