Valentine’s Cake

cakeAre you looking for a fun way to let the people in your world know that you love them this Valentine’s Day? Might I suggest cake? The wonderful Colleen of Faith, Hope, Love & Luck posted the yummy recipe for this beautiful cake she created for our Valentine’s Day photoshoot on her blog this week.  You should definitely go check it out. While you’re there look at some of her other fun recipes like this one for “Rainbow Sprinkle ‘Crack'” and this one for “The Perfect Man Cookies“.

As Marie Antoinette so famously said,

“Let them eat cake!”

I just don’t think she meant it the same way. While you’re waiting for your cake, here are a few other fun shots from our Valentine’s Day photoshoot.


#YouSparkle Valentine’s Day Credits:

Photography – Lauren Modny Photography
Personal Styling – Start Close In
Floral Design – LeRoy French
Handmade Valentines – Birch and Honey
Cake – Faith, Hope, Love, & Luck Survive Despite a Whiskered Accomplice
Makeup – Melissa Taylor
Model – Destiny Decker
Creative Direction & Party Styling – Piccadilly / Love Always Hannah
Rose Almond Spritz were also featured in #YouSparkle Valentine’s Day.


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