I’ve been trying to figure out where to pick up here on the blog.  It’s been awhile and honestly I haven’t known what to say. I love sharing life with you here on the blog, but then sometimes life gets out of control and honestly I don’t want to live it, let alone share it. I posted this on instagram awhile back and it’s absolutely the truth.  That post in all it’s glory was all I have written for a few weeks.

“Dude. Change is hard…”

It might as well have been written by my good ol’ friend, Captain Obvious.  No duh, change is hard. If the 90s are coming back can I say that again?

Change sucks. It usually makes me cry a lot.  It tends to make me retreat. The last few weeks have included a lot of change for me.  While I know that it’s the right change and on my best days I’m really, truly excited about what’s next, there are still times when I get caught up in the sadness of what I’m losing.

I’d like to say that I’m great at change, that I revel in it or that I’m a #boss at change. I’d like to regale you with stories of how I’ve been crushing it in life over the last few weeks but unfortunately most stories would end with me in the fetal position under a pile of boxes. I can say that I’ve survived, not with a whole ton of dignity, but I’ve survived.  Much thanks to the most amazing friends in the world and a God who just won’t seem to give up on me.

The thing I’ve actually been learning in the midst of it all though is this. Change doesn’t really suck.  It’s actually really awesome when you look at it right.Better by Change


Yes, it hurts, but it’s kind of like resetting a bone that’s dislocated. It’s setting things right.

Yes, it takes things away from you, but it makes space for what’s new.  Often times, it’s better.

Yes, it can make you feel insecure but it’s much like the feeling that comes with that shaky first step as you graduate from crawling (or in my case, scooting) to walking.

Yes, change changes things, but isn’t that the point of life.  Should we be constantly growing, evolving and moving forward?

If you’re not changing then you might want to check, because I think you might be stuck.



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