WSP : Pineapples & Preteens

WSP BannerI’m a little behind in getting this up this week, but this weekend was just too fun to skip. Mostly because my little isn’t so little after all.  She turned 13 this weekend and I think I’m still in shock.  It seems like just yesterday she was my real life doll to play with and now she’s grown into a beautiful, kind and amazing young woman.

Give me a moment while I look for a tissue…

She’s quite the planner and undoubtedly will be working with me on the Piccadilly team in no time.  She had everything organized down to the minute and a clear vision of how we were going to style the party.  We used every bright color imaginable,  gold spray painted pineapples and disco balls to decorate because… of course!  That combined with a bunch of giggling teenage girls and the party was quite a success.  I loved getting to be 13 again for the weekend, even if I couldn’t quite stay up as late as they did.

The other lovely part of being home this weekend was that it really felt like FALL.  The cool air, the smell of wood smoke, the crunch of fallen leaves and snuggling up under a warm blanket with a good book all made this an idyllic weekend at home.

Hope your weekend was just as cozy!Signature


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