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This weekend was cray-cray but in the best possible way.  It was one of those I-can’t-believe-this-just-happened-super-full-but-really-fun kind of weekends. Oh, and it included a nap #winning.


Photo Credit : Thanks Ron!

On Friday I had the opportunity to go to the HillsongNo Other Name” Concert at the Baltimore Arena.  Saying it was amazing doesn’t really do it justice.  If you’ve not heard of it, Hillsong is a church out of Australia that has pioneered so much.  Their music is sung round the world, with songs such as the old classic “Shout to the Lord” to some of their newest like “Oceans” and “Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace)“.  What’s more than their music though is that everyone I have come into contact with that is associated with their church has such an amazing heart and desire to serve and help people. It’s truly inspiring.

On Friday, I had the opportunity to meet a few members of their band before the concert. I was so encouraged by their openness, kindness and genuine desire to see people connect to Jesus.  They were super down-to-earth and didn’t even make fun of me when I referenced the kazoo (seriously, who let me out of the house? Good Lord)  They’re heroes in my book.  On top of that the concert was amazing! So creative, so inspired and so fun! I’d highly recommend checking them out if they’re coming to city near you.
IMG_3452Behold… I have found the perfect cupcake.   It’s called the “Katy Perry” and is the genius of the creative masterminds at Buzz Bakery in Alexandria, VA.  It is pink and has sprinkles and a cherry with glitter on top (aka the Disco Cherry).  I don’t think it gets any better.

In fact, I loved it so much that I felt it was deserving of it’s own photoshoot. Don’t judge.  So I had a photoshoot with a cupcake. What’d you do with your Saturday afternoon? (I feel like maybe this is something I should be embarrassed about and thus not posting but….)

Aaaaand the true cherry on top of this weekend (hehehe…see what I did there) was spending time with my wonderful friend Ella!


We stopped by one of my new favorite neighborhood spots, Impala, for tacos, elote and margaritas.  Be on the lookout for a LocalLove on this place soon. It’s so good.

This is what happens when bloggers eat dinner together.  We take the first 5 minutes to take pictures of our food. 🙂  Any time spent with Ella is time well spent. I left encouraged, inspired and super excited about this next season!

Hope your weekend was just as fun!



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