LocalLove : Pleasant Pops


Guys…OMG you guys… I found a really cool place. DC has it’s very own restaurant devoted to…wait for it…. POPSICLES.  Ten year old me is freaking out. I mean seriously.


Pleasant Pops is located off of Florida & 18th NW and has the yummiest ice pops.  According to their site…

“Pleasant Pops was born in 2009, because we really liked traditional Mexican ice pops called paletas and couldn’t find any in Washington, D.C. When we created Pleasant Pops we wanted to combine the Mexican tradition of fresh fruit ice pops with local and sustainable agriculture from the greater D.C. area.” 

The experience does not disappoint.  With over 100 flavors and super fresh ingredients their ice pops are the perfect cure for even DC’s most humid days.  My beautiful friend, Caroline, of a Different Story, and I checked it out a few weeks ago and it was the perfect setting for our catch up sesh.


Isn’t she just adorbs? I mean, really!

On top of great popsicles, Pleasant Pops also has a number of other fresh, locally-sourced food options.  Their sandwiches were also great.

If trecking it to Florida Ave is just too much for you, you can also find them at a number of the local farmer’s markets and around town in their food truck “Big Poppa”.  Check them out on twitter for location and other fun updates @pleasantpops .

IMG_2171I highly recommend you plan a visit before the Summer is over!




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