Christa Black

Christa Black

This past weekend I had the opportunity to tune into the Jesus Culture Conference in LA and it was AMAZING.  Actually saying it was amazing really doesn’t do it justice.  One of my heroes, Christa Black, spoke and honestly, her message messed me up… but in a good way.

I’ve followed her for the past few years as she started an amazing blog, wrote an incredible song “God Loves Ugly” made famous by Jordin Sparks and launched a book by the same title that details the heart behind the song.  I would absolutely encourage you to go buy it right now… actually if you want it and can’t afford it, message me and I’ll buy it for you.  I believe in the message that much.

Recently, Christa and her family went through the most tragic situation.  Her newborn baby daughter, Goldie, died in her arms just 40 minutes after being born.   I remember the day she put out a message on her blog about the loss.  I remember where I was sitting and I remember bursting into tears as I read her words.  I had followed along and seen her joy and expectation at the eminent birth of such a beautiful girl.  Devastating.

I could not and still cannot wrap my mind around such a loss and yet, in the days that followed Christa has continued to be a voice of hope.  She has been a champion of joy and a steadfast believer that God is good… in every season.

I say all this because, I want you to hear her speak.  She’s one of my heroes.  She’s faced fear, faced tragedy and continues to stand firm.  Set aside some time to listen to her.  You’ll be so glad that you did.  You can listen to her message here.






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