LocalLove: Seven Oaks Lavender Farm


I have to admit that one of my favorite ways to explore new parts of my city (and the great uncharted region beyond the Potomac) is to find good Living Social or Groupon deals. I am most definitely my Grandmother’s girl.  She never met a deal she didn’t like (or that she couldn’t improve upon).  On my most recent perusal through their sites I came across something I couldn’t pass up.

Seven Oaks Lavender FarmIMG_1577

Doesn’t that just sound dreamy?  I’m not going to lie, after reading about the farm I spent more than a few minutes day dreaming about wandering a midst the fragrant blooms and relaxing under the shade of a giant oak tree. It was all very Anne of Green Gables-esque.

You can take the girl out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the girl.

With very little effort, I convinced Ashlynn and Nicole to hop in the car with me and we were off for a day long adventure in the country.


I must say that it didn’t disappoint.  A little over an hour outside the city, the farm was truly beautiful.  We were greeted by a teenage boy wearing a “Lavender Lad” T-shirt and directed to the field.  Despite wearing what I’m guessing was not his favorite item of clothing, he was friendly and welcoming much like everyone we came in contact with.


The warm greeting was quickly followed by the sweet and soothing scent of lavender wafting on the breeze. I mean… really?!?! The breezes in DC smell like a lot of things… lavender is not one of them.  That alone made the trip worthwhile.

It was evident that we were not the only ones who had found this little gem on the interwebs.  There were families with little children, dutiful husbands trailing after their wives and groups of girlfriends a plenty.  We grabbed our baskets and scissors and set about the business of picking flowers (clearly very serious business).  It didn’t take long for us to get sidetracked by the giant hay bales in the surrounding fields.


Once we picked our favorites, we settled back on the front porch of the sprawling country house and watched the clouds float by.  There really is something incredibly soothing about just sitting back without the buzz of a phone, the rush of traffic or any other distraction and just watching the world go by.  It’s healing to the soul.

On our way out, we stopped by the bunny pen and I fell in love no fewer than 10 times.  I didn’t really get any good pictures at that point because I was most likely beside myself clapping my hands and oohing and ahhing over their cuteness.  Let’s just say I like bunnies and my most mature side does not come out when I’m in their presence.


Moving on.

While lavender season appears to have drawn to a close (I think, but I’m clearly no expert), I would highly recommend you plan an adventure to the country sometime soon.

Go sit on a porch.  Sip lemonade. Snuggle a bunny.  Whatever it takes to slow down just a bit this summer and enjoy the moment!





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