WSP: Fireworks & Family

WSP Banner3

This past weekend was full of family fun, as I went home for the holiday.  I must say there really is nothing like country air and endless mountains.


I spent hours relaxing on the most glorious back porch.  It was the perfect vantage point to watch the world go by.  There were thunderstorms, warm sunshine, bunnies, and just about everything in between.   I even had the chance to read a book (amazing!)

The 4th of July festivities did not disappoint.  There was a hometown parade complete with candy, bagpipes, live music, and the crowning moment was seeing my cousins ride their horses.  They’re so beautiful!

The parade was followed by an epic family BBQ.  There was volleyball, pony rides, s’mores, lots of family fun and…

 these cupcakes.


My little sister made them.  She’s amazing!

How was your holiday weekend?  Hope it was just as fun!



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