Why I write

“If you want to be successful in life, look for the greatest need and work to fill it”

I was sitting in the back of a business seminar, wondering what the heck I was doing there, when the speaker at the front of the room spoke these words.  So simple and yet, profound. Years later and I still haven’t been able to shake them.

I left the session with the obvious question plaguing me, “What is the greatest need that I see around me?

Is it another blogger? No.

What about another small business? No.

Is it better customer service? No.

Is it prettier events? No.

Is it more beauty in the everyday? No, not really.

Is it a ShamWow? Nope.

I kept coming up empty, so I set about to listen to the conversations that took place around me. I started to pay attention to what I saw broadcast in our culture. I had conversations. I prayed. I listened.

Then it occurred to me.

People need to know that they matter.  That what we think, our perspective, our beauty, our voice, our offering to the world…matters.

We need to know that we are enough. That we are created uniquely and that we are seen.  We need to know our particular set of gifts and talents have a use in this great big world that we live in.

We need to know our value.

At the same time I began to recognize this need, I also saw how we are predisposed in our world to tell each other that we are not enough.  That we need the next gadget or the next cosmetic to be smart enough, beautiful enough, strong enough to matter. How messed up is that?

Here’s what really gets me though.  It’s bad enough that we walk around unsure of our own inherent value and feeling bad about ourselves, but the damage doesn’t stop there.



You see a ripple effect of tragedy takes place when we do not understand that who we are and what we have to offer matters.  If we do not believe that we have anything to offer when we are faced with the battles of our lifetime, things like human trafficking, extreme poverty, hopelessness, loneliness, genocide, hunger (and the list goes on), then we don’t stand up.  We do not offer what is in our hands to do because, at our core, we don’t think that it matters.  Slowly, the one who does nothing becomes the ten who do nothing, who become the hundred who do nothing and pretty soon, we have a whole society of people so centered on their own insecurities and lack that they are incapable of being the hope to those hurting around them.

It has to stop.

You are too important.  The world needs you to rise up and understand that you matter.  That you are beautiful.  That your freedom matters.  We are waiting for what is in your hand to give.

So that’s why I write, because it’s in my hand to do and because you matter.


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2 thoughts on “Why I write

  1. Thank you Hannah!!! LOVE this and really needed to read this before jumpstarting my work day.  You are amazing!!


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