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So one of the reasons I started writing a blog is because I love reading blogs.  I thought it might be fun to highlight a few of my favorite reads today on my blog.  Each of these people are committed to seeing you live your best life.  Every time I read their blogs I’m struck by their thoughtfulness and inspired to go for it in my own life. I highly recommend you head on over to these sites and check them out!


Eileen Wilder – My beautiful friend Eileen just launched her blog and each of her posts is centered on you understanding your incredible worth AND living your absolute best life. On top of that she’s just launched her super awesome GLAMthoughts a “shot of truth-latte to get your mind straight & you feeling great.”  Sign up here AND if you do before tomorrow, you can email her and she’ll design your very own quote or verse for you!

FabulouslyFrugalGal – The ultimate fabulous gal, Yanny, just launched her new blog THIS WEEK! If you haven’t done so already run over and check it out.  She’s sharing great tips on finding products that work best for you and don’t break the bank. It’s like shopping! Check it.


Ice Ice Andrew – This guy is awesome. On top of that, he and his wife just had twins.  You read that right, twins.  His blog constantly makes me laugh, makes me think and leaves me totally encouraged.  If you want some of that for yourself AND you want to hear about some of the cutest kids around, go check out his blog. now.

A Different Story – Caroline is one of the most thoughtful and thought-provoking writers I know.  Her unique perspective always makes me look at the world around me just a bit differently.  I loved this post she shared earlier this week in the midst of our one millionth snow storm in DC.


Start Close In – Undoubtedly a celebrity on my blog, this girl has STYLE.  On top of that Ella’s got a fresh perspective for YOU on your style.  I love reading anything she writes and love being around her (and playing) even more.  Want to give your closet a facelift? Check out her site!

Doehle Bread – She’s famous. Literally. Undoubtedly one day I will tell people I knew her when.  Not only is Jessica a bombshell but she’s an incredibly thoughtful writer and friend. I love the guest post she wrote recently for one of my favorite magazines, Darling.  Follow her blog for hilarious and thoughtful musings on life in NYC and where to find the best chocolate chip cookies in the world.

These are by no means the only blogs I read (it’s quite an addiction actually), but I thought today at least you should start by joining the party going on over on their sites.  Enjoy!



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