Spring Cleaning!

Despite what it might feel like today, Spring is most definitely on its way.  With it comes sunshine, bright blue skies, birds chirping and an inexplicable urge to clean house.  My wonderful friend Ella came over this past weekend and helped me with the completely overwhelming task of cleaning out my closet.IMG_6560After wrapping up my “No Shopping Challenge” last month, I realized that even without shopping for 6 months, I still had too many clothes.  There is no reason I still need things in my closet from college. (Yikes!)


Ella asked me three questions as I was cleaning out my closet this weekend.  Each helped me get rid of things I had been holding onto for far too long (3 huge bags worth actually).

photo 1

1. Does it fit?  Let’s be honest, how often do we hold onto things that sort of fit but we never actually pull it out of the closet because you don’t feel that comfortable or confident in it.  Craziness!

2. Do you love it?  This seems like a kind of crazy question to ask.  Please know I don’t really love clothes the way I love my friends or any number of important things BUT that’s not an excuse to surround yourself with things that don’t make  you feel good about yourself.  You’re worth the few extra minutes of effort it takes to pull out something that makes you feel like you and gives you the extra boost of confidence to face your day. Don’t settle!

3. Is it your style? I took the opportunity while I wasn’t shopping to re-think what I wanted my personal style to be.  In the past I would buy things because I wanted to shop or because it fit or because it was in style, but not necessarily because it was my style.   It was actually kind of a crazy concept to me.  Having a personal style.  It felt like such a luxury and very grown up.  Neither of which I particularly felt.  One thing I realized however through this process is that I can have a personal style. I don’t have to wear things I don’t love. I don’t have to spend oodles of money to have a personal style either.  Defining my style will actually help me regulate myself when the urge to go shopping strikes again.  On top of that, defining how I want to present myself actually helps me clean house. Crazy how this applies in other areas of life too!

I love what Ella had to say about defining your personal style, “I often think about style as a sentence, ideally 3 words. If you look at my pinterest boards you’ll see some examples. Sometimes it’s “French-inspired Ease” or even a phrase like “Edge-Girl Next Door”. If you can find that based on what you like, every item in your closet should ultimately fit with that phrase or words. I’d love for you to be able to fall into your closet and anything you hit you’d love and would fit your style. I’d love that for every woman!

You’d never believe that I pulled out more than 3 huge bags of clothes out of my closet to donate.  I actually feel like I have more options now than I did before and it’s because I can now see what I have.  It felt like Christmas morning as I discovered fun things I had forgotten were stuffed at the back of my closet.

I would highly recommend you make the most of this Spring-y weather and tackle your closet!

Out with the old and in with the new!

It’s such a good feeling.  Who knows what you might find!



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