I recently got back from a little over two weeks of travel and it really was wonderful.  Over the next few days I’ll be sharing some more pictures and details of my time in each spot I visited… I started the trip off in London and my friend Ashlynn joined me!

Our time in London included…beautiful countryside…truly amazing Indian food… checking an item off my bucket list (i.e. riding on top of a double decker bus)… Queen (the band not the royal)... late night strolls through cobblestone streets… fish & chips… re-connecting with wonderful friends and making new ones… a little Shakespeare… the Thames (I think I finally know how to pronounce it correctly)… Hyde Park… the Olympics (who knew curling could be so fascinating)…my birthday!…French cafes…free hugs on the tube…Tea, lovely, lovely Tea… Hillsong London… loooong train rides (that might not have needed to be quite so long if I knew what I was doing)…thumbs up…bagpipes in Piccadilly CircusThe Globe Theater…sneak peek behind the scenes at BPSFW…Valentine’s balloons from strangers… and a giant rainbow on the way to the airport.  It truly was a wonderful weekend!Signature


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