Happy to be Home

I just spent the most amazing two weeks traveling.  It was an incredible opportunity.  I can’t wait to share more about it with you over the next few days.  That being said, since I’ve been literally a zombie thanks to jet lag this weekend I thought in lieu of a “Weekend Sneak Peek” I would share my…

top 5 reasons why I’m grateful to be home

5. My hair…just had two straight weeks of bad hair days thanks to the lack of outlets in the bathroom and my fear of frying my blow dryer by plugging it in.  Einstein had nothing on me…



4. I’m not daily reminded of my propensity to overpack because I have to lug everything I brought with me everywhere I go.



2. My own bed. (nuff said)

1. DC ordered snow for my return (oh wait… I don’t want snow… booo… do over)



drum roll please….

1. Friends! I have the most wonderful friends, especially my roomies, and they make coming home so much fun!




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