WSP: Sniffles & Sneezes

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So this weekend I was sick… which means lots of fun plans canceled and lot of medicine and tissues.  So I thought instead of my normal list of activities I would list off all the things that made being sick this weekend bearable.

The Honest Toddler Twitter feed... do yourself a favor and go follow them… right now.  Their “Justin Bieber/Justin Timberlake” live feed was killing me this weekend.IMG_5155

NyQuil… oh how I love you… really, I’d marry you if I could.


Tissues WITH Vicks… seriously… whoever created them is a genius… and I’d probably marry them too.

Pink roses.  Really, they’re perfect and always make me feel better.


The feature on Hulu and Netflix that means you don’t have to get out of bed to watch the next show/episode.

Pictures from Lauren Modny.  She’s such an amazing photographer and every time her photos show up in my inbox it feels like Christmas morning.


My amazing roomie Bethany who brought me chicken noodle soup and medicine in bed.  She’s the bestest.


Pinterest… the only thing that can give you a sense of accomplishment without actually doing anything.


(I woke up yesterday to this search on my screen… I don’t remember searching golden retriever puppies… hmmm )

Take out Thai… the delivery guy got an extra tip because he at least tried to hide his horror at the sight of me when I answered the door.

Random internet videos like the one that included this line… really?!?!


Grumpy Cat… because somehow it’s funnier when a cat says the things I think when I’m sick.

My wonderful church… first field trip of the weekend and I made it to the second service at our DC location. So glad that I did. It was just the encouragement I needed.


and I’d like to award MVP of the weekend to… drum roll please…. MY BED! Thank you for being the wind beneath my NyQuil-induced dreams.


Hope your weekend was a lot less sicky!



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