Giveaway: Hot Rollers

GiveawayI’m so excited to hold my first ever giveaway on the blog today!  Yesterday’s hair tutorial with Ashlynn was so fun that I thought I’d give you the opportunity to try it at home yourself.

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That’s why I’m giving away a set of Remington Style : Ceramic Compact Hot Rollers.  They are the same kind that Ashlynn and I use and I thought it would be fun to share them with you.
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All you have to do to enter is comment below and tell me about your best/worst hair story.  Mine undoubtedly had something to do with spongy curlers and Saturday night as a kid.

The contest will close next Tuesday, January 28th at 5pm (EST).  A winner will be randomly selected and announced the following Wednesday.

It should be noted the lovely people behind these spectacular hot rollers do not know know me or about this giveaway.  I’m sure we’d be besties if we met, but this is not a sponsored post.

Good Luck!


Photos provided courtesy of Lauren Modny Photography


17 thoughts on “Giveaway: Hot Rollers

  1. One word…perm! That should say it all really! My mother was determined to have a little girl with curly hair. Unfortunately, she had me, a little girl with very straight hair. This meant I spent many nights sleeping in curlers, and being given countless perms, only to wake up the next morning with still extremely straight hair.

    • Awww yes! The perm. I had the opposite problem in that my hair was weirdly wavy and I always wanted the stick straight hair. So I tried a relaxer. It did not go well. Glad you survived your perm trauma! XOXO

  2. Then one day the perm took hold successfully, or to my way of thiking not so successfully! We’re talking big granny curls the size of maple rolls…not exactly the cute little curls I had always dreamed about. There were many tears, and then a sly attempt to wash the perm out without my mother realizing it. By the way, it didn’t work! I had those granny curls for months!

    • Awww yes, the dreaded perm! I hear you on that front. I remember when those were totally in style. I had the opposite problem that my hair was always in between curly and straight and I wanted straight. I tried a relaxer once. It did not go well. I’m sure you rocked the perm though 🙂 XOXO

  3. Best hair day= day a friend introduced me to self grip rollers. Since I have really thick hair even using these when I simply want a straight look reduces the frizz and gives me a nice clean straight look without taking away the body to my hair. Also it reduces the time to get a nice straight hair look from over an hour to a mere 20 minutes. Now I have great hair days all the time.

  4. Is it depressing to say “most days” as the worst?! My hair has rarely, if ever, looked the way that I want it to. I always wish it were more-more full, more badass, longer. I’ve long resigned myself to making up for my hair with clothes!

    • Awww babes! I think you’re a hottie everyday! AND I forgot to mention how great your hair looked on Monday. I understand the feeling though, I don’t feel like my hair ever really does what I want. Love you! XOXO

  5. I have a few “Bad Hair” stories, including my grandmother deciding it would be a good idea to put relaxer in my hair (it took YEARS to recover). However, a more recent one involved a video I saw on tearing a brown paper bag into strips to use as make shift rollers. I decided to give it a try one day. So, I cut up the paper bag, rolled up my hair wet, and let my hair dry. Later in the day, when my hair had dried, I decided to take out the “rollers” to see if it worked. Well, it worked a little too well. I practically had a lion mane. Luckily, I had time to wet my hair and do something more normal before I had to actually be anywhere.

  6. Of course I had to pay a lot for it, but thankfully my best hair day was my wedding 🙂 My stylist worked hard on each curl and arranged them beautifully

  7. My two best hair memories… My wedding day. (Though the worst part was removing the thousands of bobby pins…) And I finally found a good length for my hair. It’s thick and frizzy and after having two babies the texture is so different than it use to be. Having it at the right length and not brushing it (takes too much of the natural curl out) then adding product to it does wonders. But honestly..I’m a stay at home mom. I rarely take the time to do my hair. It’s usually in a pony tail. Lookin’ drab.

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  9. I was so tired of my bronze color hair and I wanted to make my hair blonder so I went online and learned that by using peroxide and baking soda with honey it would bleach my hair so I did it and my hair was worse then a beat up barbie doll 🙂 i got in the shower and was ready to shave my hair bold with a razor lolz! but now my hair is healthy all I had to do was add olive oil

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