I was all set to share a post today about setting goals, but I realized that before I launch into the topic of goal setting (which is particularly pertinent this time of year) I wanted to share just a little of what is on my heart for this next season.

2013 was a really good year.  

Not good in the “everything went my way” kind of way, but good in the “that hurt, but I grew” way.  It was good in that God answered prayers in my heart that I hadn’t even known how to express.  It was good in that I had new experiences I hadn’t even known to dream for.  It was good in that areas of my heart and dreams that had been dormant were brought back to life. It was good in that God lovingly confronted my unbelief and graciously helped me face my fears.

I can say that 2013 was a good year, because God was in it.

It’s because of that truth I can face 2014 with HOPE. Hope is actually something I’ve been reading a lot about recently.

Hope is defined as “to want something to happen or be true and think that it could happen or be true“.

I think we all have dreams for the future.  Things we’d like to see happen.  Things we hope for. I think often times we use the term hope as if it could easily be interchanged with “wishful thinking”.  I hope someday things will change… I hope life will get better… but we don’t really believe that it can or will happen.

What I’m realizing though is the amount of joy and excitement we live each day with is directly related to how much we believe that those good things are going to actually materialize. I can hope all day long to go to Disney World, but if I don’t actually believe that it’s going to happen then I will never get excited, I will never pack my bag, and I will never actually meet Mickey Mouse.

So how can you live happy if you don’t really know if good things will happen?


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What I’m realizing is that it all boils down to what I said at the beginning.  It’s knowing that there is a God who loves you and wants good things for you.  It’s knowing that He has promised to never leave you. It’s knowing that He is in control of your future and that He does what He says He will do.

You can trust Him. 

Knowing all of that makes me downright excited at all that could be in store for 2014!



6 thoughts on “Hope

  1. I knew you would be special if you followed Ella’s Instagram. Now that I read your post, I really KNOW you are special ! Well stated post!
    May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope, dear Hannah!

    • Hi Lynne! You have no idea how much your kind words just made my day. Thank you for stopping by AND for taking the time to comment. You are wonderful! I feel extra special because you are a #StartCloseIn rockstar! It feels like having a celebrity stop by! I just checked out your blog and love everything you are about. Keep up the good work! XOXO

  2. Happy New Year, Hannah!:) Thanks for sharing this lovely post! 2013 was definitely filled with ups and downs, good times and not so good times but in the end, each experience taught me something about myself. I know that I can handle anything if I just trust in God. When worry and fear tries to step in, I try my best to remember that God is in charge and I just need to surrender all to Him. Wishing you hope, love, joy, and amazing adventures for 2014! – Donna

    • Hi Lovely! Happy New Year to you too! Thanks for so freely sharing your story! You are such an inspiration and encouragement. I have no doubt that God has amazing things in store for you this year and beyond! Thanks for being such a constant source of encouragement to me! Hope today is full of joy and love! Sending hugs! XOXO

      • Hi Hannah! This blog has really helped me to share parts of myself I wouldn’t have otherwise shared. I’m so happy my story has inspired you in some way. Thanks for your sweet words and I can’t wait to read more beautiful and sparkly posts from you in the coming year.;) Is it snowing in your area? Hope you have a lovely day filled with HOPE! xoxo – Donna

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