WSP : Gingerbread & Girl Time

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This weekend was so much fun for a variety of reasons. First, the annual Beautiful You Christmas Tea was this Saturday.  It’s always one of my favorite Christmas time events because it brings together so many things that I love like sipping tea, decadent christmas decorations, sparkles, listening to Christine Caine and supporting anti-human trafficking.  Additionally this weekend #CapCityChristmas at Capital City Church.  So many crazy, fun moments from the show, but hands down the kids are always the best part.

This weekend also included…. lots of italian (lots of freaking out about remember lyrics)…a surprisingly moving Vince Vaughn movie “The Delivery Man” (I’ve always loved him but this was my favorite!)…backstage shenanigans…the epic adventures of my new friend Stefan… long chats about life with the ever wise Ashlynn… officially breaking out my winter coat… a new favorite song…  & lots of girl time!

Also, check out my friend Andrew’s super cool awesome blog for more details about this weekend!



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