Hosting the Holidays

The holidays are a joyous occasion often marked by the celebration of families coming together and, if your lucky, the yumminess that comes as a result of coveted family recipes.  If I asked you to close your eyes and think of a happy holiday memory, I bet a lot of you would see some delicious treat dancing across your imagination.

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For me, the holidays are synonymous with my Mom’s warm, gooey cinnamon buns.  There’s nothing like them… trust me.  While I bask in the wonderful glow that the mere thought of these cinnamon buns cast, there is however, one person who doesn’t relish them.  That would be my mom.  You see while I’m snuggled up in my sweatpants watching “White Christmas” for the 50 billionth time, she’s working… on cinnamon buns.

I realize that there’s probably a number of you out there that can relate to this.  Somewhere, at some point in time there’s a switch that happens.

You go from the hosted to the hostess.

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That’s where it all changes. (Cue the scary music)

Thankfully I’m not there yet. If I continue to claim Ramen Noodles as my specialty I might never have to cross this line. (fingers crossed) Now, I know some of you love being the hostess and I would never deny you that joy… by all means, invite me to dinner! I will say though,  that I have noticed that with the switch can come an added amount of pressure as you enter the holiday season.

How long does it take to defrost a Turkey?

I need to wake up at what time?

The fork goes on what side of the plate?

You mean jello salad isn’t actually a salad?

I’m sure all these questions and more can plague a new hostess’ mind as she prepares for the big event; quickly turning what should be a wonderful season into a cycle of stress.

I LOVE what my friend Ella has to say about not just surviving the holidays but actually enjoying them with STYLE over on her blog today.  Here’s a snippet:

“I’ve got some ideas for us-and they’ve got nothing to do with survival. I don’t like the hype that the period from Thanksgiving through the New Year is stressful because I think it sets us up to fail. Instead, I’d like to reclaim this time period as one of hope, renewal, togetherness, and, yes, style.

I think too often we as women put ourselves on the back burner. We believe the narrative that this time period is about doing as much as humanly possible. Somehow, if you’re not occupied every moment of the day baking cookies, caroling, or wrapping endless piles of gifts with a glass of champagne in your hand, you’ve failed. I’m not buying it.”

Check out her blog to read the rest of the post!

My hope for you during this busy holiday season is that you have time to stop and smell the evergreens…time to linger over a cup of hot cocoa with a good friend…time to snuggle up with your favorite holiday movie and loved ones.

Who cares if the turkey is a little dry and your only salad is made of JELLO!  You’re enjoyment is more important. The memories you make are the ones you are present for!

Lastly, Mom, if you’re reading this… SEND MORE CINNAMON BUNS!


Photography: Lauren Modny Photography

Party & Prop Styling: Love Always Hannah

Stylist: StartCloseIn

Jewelry: Lou Lou Boutiques


4 thoughts on “Hosting the Holidays

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  2. Good word! And a great reminder to keep the main thing the main thing. I’m hosting Christmas for the first time this year…I need to keep this post in mind!

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