StyleLove : David

StyleLove HeaderOk kids, it’s time for the guys version of #stylelove?!

For this session of Stylelove, we’ve decided to choose one of Hannah’s male friends who uniquely define what it means to have style.  As always, Stylelove is our way of highlighting this guy’s unique style and showcasing that beauty and style.

Meet David

David Picture

Steve – How would you describe your style?

David – A cross between a warrior and a man of mystery.

Steve – What’s one of your favorite things about yourself and why?

David  – My favorite part about myself is that I’m always around.  No matter where I am I’m with me, so I’m always going to have a great time.

Steve – When did you first start picking your own clothes?

David – I made a deal with my mom when I was 5 that I could pick out my own clothes M-F and she would pick my out clothes for church on Sunday.

Steve – Where do you find inspiration for your style?

David – It’s a combination of places.  One time I was just looking at myself in the mirror and I noticed someone behind me wearing shoes.  I was sitting on a boat at the time and thought, “boat…shoes…boat shoes!”  But usually, my wife is inspired and I receive the benefits of that inspiration on Christmas Day.

Steve – What do you hope to accomplish with your style?

David – How do you accomplish something with your style?

Steve – What’s the deal with penny loafers?

David – Sorry I had to look up what that was on wikipedia.  After referring to the article, I have no idea.

Steve – If you could design an outfit for one celebrity, who would it be and why?

David – I don’t think I’m capable of picking out another man’s wardrobe.  That just seems wrong.  Or a woman for that matter.

Steve – If it was socially acceptable for you to wear a dress, would you?  And if so, what would it look like?

David – There was this one time that involved a re-enactment of the Shaft theme music and I may or may not have been a backup dancer. “shut your mouth…i’m just talking about Shaft”.

Steve – Have you ever experienced feelings of insecurity about yourself?  How have you overcome them?

David – Once I felt bad when I woke up because I thought I was someone else and then I looked in the mirror and gave myself a little pep talk and I was on my way.  But usually I overcome my feelings of insecurity by realizing that no matter what I do I will always dress better than my brother.

Steve – If you could give women one bit of advice, what would it be?

David – Most guys are not aware of what they wear.  Most guys lump dressing in with certain survival skills…you know like other rules that you have to obey to avoid jail time…peeing in a parking lot, obeying traffic lights, etc.  I was told once that you have to have black and brown shoes in your wardrobe.   So that’s what I have…even though I feel like deep down that’s probably one too many pairs.

So there you have it folks.  David shows how much more stylish men are than women on a daily basis.  He’s a dashing warrior who owns his unique style.  You’re lucky to even see a picture of him.  #stylelove




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