We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming….

Ladies and the two gentlemen who read this blog, we have literally the biggest announcement in the history of history.  As of today, November 11, Love Always Hannah has been taken over by Steve and Andrew.  We were tired of seeing an endless stream of posts about sparkles and makeup…after accidentally stumbling on this blog while looking for web sites about more manly stuff, like grills, or bears, obviously.   So, from now on, until Hannah realizes that Love “Always” actually only means Love “as long as I have control of my blog,” Super Happy Fairy Princess Hour is over.  Be prepared to hear about cooler stuff, i.e. stuff that guys want to hear.  Let’s get started with our…

WSP Banner -Guys

This weekend, we sat around and played wrestling video games.  Hunter was there.  Nothing else relevant happened.  It was basically the greatest weekend ever.

What’s that you say? 

“You’re married men, you shouldn’t be playing video games?”  First, don’t judge us.  You haven’t experienced fun until you’ve hit someone with a digital steel chair.  Second, our pregnant wives were too busy drinking away their night to pay attention to us.  So get off our back.

Expect more awesomeness like this all week.  And don’t tell Hannah.  She thinks we’re posting pictures of her lipstick for her.  Picture us with a maniacal laugh for the full effect.


Steve and Andrew


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