photo-7Today was an amazing day.  I wasn’t really planning to post in real time.  I’m traveling for work, which is a topic I categorically do not talk about here, but I thought today I would make a quick exception.

I work in international development.  What that means is I’m highly idealistic, I want to change the world but, on most days, I deal with a massive amount of paperwork.

Today was an exception though.

Today I met Jorge.

Jorge is an incredible little boy with bright brown eyes, a sunny smile and special needs, living in a home in the countryside of the Dominican Republic.  He lives in the home because either his parents are dead or unable to care for him.  This breaks my heart.  It was obvious that he is receiving great care and love in the home.  The caregivers were highly attentive and caring.  I only got to spend 5 minutes with Jorge but they changed me.

He reminded me again why I chose to pursue international development.  Why I sit in a cubicle most days.  Why it matters.

He reminded me that at the end of the day, what we do is really just about improving the life of another person.

He also reminded me that I don’t need to travel overseas to do that.  I have the chance on a daily basis to help those around me.  To love them.  To smile.  To speak a kind word.  It all matters.



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