The “B” Word

no shopping challenge

So in case you haven’t been following, I’m in the midst of a self-imposed six month shopping freeze (some restrictions may apply).  It’s been about 6 weeks (48 days to be exact) and so far so good.  I’ve been VERY TEMPTED but as of yet, I haven’t cheated on the plan! Woo hoo! It has helped that I’ve done some shopping with friends!  That’s a sign of a true friend (they let you spend their money for them).

Anyways, today I’m writing because one of the wonderful perks of the plan is that I just paid off a credit card!  YAYYY for fiscal responsibility!!!*


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This serves as a reminder that the small decisions can make a big difference.  I’m excited and hope that this will have a snowball effect in my personal finances.  Having a budget and a plan can make your dreams a reality.  It’s not always as exciting to talk about a budget as it is to talk about your dreams (or a new pair of shoes), but in the long run it’s one of the best investments in yourself (and your future) that you can make.  I’m learning as I go, but here are a few helpful resources on the “super fun” topic of budgeting:

  • Real Simple has some great articles and checklists on budgeting and debt repayment.
  • Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover and his website are excellent resources.
  • Wise Bread has a TON of resources on managing your money.  I love their tag line, “Living Large On A Small Budget”.
  • Fabulously Broke is a total inspiration. She’s a blogger and freelancer who got out of $60,000 in 18 months.  She’s got tips and stories and I don’t know about you, but I want to know how she did it!
  • The Budget Babe is a “fashion blog for style-conscious women everywhere who are looking to stretch their wardrobe dollars.” Lots of great finds if you’re still shopping but want to find a good deal.

Happy Budgeting!


* Come on Congress! I’m pretty sure if I can stop buying shoes you guys can do it!


13 thoughts on “The “B” Word

  1. Did I read that right?! You’ve stopped buying shoes? That folks is a minor miracle and you can take that from one who knows! With love, Daddio XXXXX00000

  2. Hannah, you’re doing a great job! By the way, debt reduction is one of my favorite topics! Thanks for the links to the various blogs; I will check them out.

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