Your Story

Each of us has a story.  It is a story laced with adventure, heartache, romance, mystery, joy and pain.   A story that is all our own.  We were each uniquely designed to be the heroine (or hero) of our own epic adventure.

Boldly pushing forward into the great unknown.

Bravely taking the risk to reap the reward.

Drawn by a passion for something greater than the hum drum of mere existence.

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The problem is that the adventure rarely happens in our comfort zone and heroines are rarely born in the midst of easy circumstances.  The stories we love to read about or watch on the big screen always have the dramatic twists and turns.  They always have the moments where it seems like all hope is lost.  The moments where it seems like the only option is to give up.  We cheer when the fictional characters rise above their seemingly insurmountable odds.  Yet, when faced with the same plot twists in our own lives, we often find ourselves huddled under the covers instead of rising to the challenge.

Why is that?

I wish I had an easy answer to that question.  I only know that in my own experience I often times lose the will to fight and live out my own story when I do one of the following things:

1.   Compare – one of the biggest traps along the way is that of comparison.  You were never intended to live someone else’s story.  We trip and stumble along our own path when we try to imitate the plot twists that were written for someone else.  Stay on your path.  That’s where it gets good.

2.  Devalue – this goes hand in hand with the comparison trap.  As our adventure unfolds we can often lose sight of our role in the story.  When you devalue who you are and what you have to offer, you cast yourself  as a supporting character in the story of your own life, instead of the lead character. Don’t do it.  You have what it takes. You are the beauty. The heroine.

3.  Lose Sight – My footing often becomes shaky when I lose sight of the one who started me on this journey.  I lose vision for my story when I lose sight of the author of my story.  How quickly the wonder of life dissipates when my eyes start to focus solely on the road right in front of me instead of the grandiose view that God has painted all around me.  When I doubt His love and His goodness I lose my strength and all excitement for the adventure fades.

boldness of love

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The truth is that in order for the story to be amazing there has to be twists and turns.  Your road will not always be sunny.  It may not always be exciting.  Even the best books have creases on the page.  Moments where you wonder what will come next.  Moments when things don’t make sense.

The key is learning to trust God in those moments and learning to see the beauty in every chapter of the story… even the messy ones.




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