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shimmer lights

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I don’t know if blondes have more fun or not, but I will say that I have always felt most like myself as a blonde.  Over the years, I have definitely experimented with everything from dark brown to “ketchup” red hair*, but I always find myself returning to blonde. Perhaps it’s because I over identify with blonde jokes or because I had white blonde hair as a child, but I think I’ve been on the eternal journey to get back to it.

That being said, getting the right shade of blonde is no easy feat. Thankfully my wonderful friend, Sess, recommended, Clairol’s Shimmer Lights and since she is the epitome of a blonde bombshell, I had to take her up on it.  Despite the shampoos bright blue shade, it does an amazing job of keeping the “super brassy, yellow” shades at a minimum and in return makes your hair soft, silky and extra white blonde.  I’ve been hooked ever since I tried it!

I would definitely recommend it for any of you blondes out there!


* my apologies to any friends who had to live through those stages with me. Yikes!


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