H St. Festival

H St.The H St. corridor in DC is one of my favorite places.  Maybe I’m a bit biased, but it’s just cool.  A little bit gritty, a lot bit rock n’ roll and filled to the bring with interesting things and people to see.

Today is the day that H St. NE shows off!

It’s the annual H St. Festival.  Click here for details.  There’s going to be tons of people, food trucks, music, and other crazy things to see and do.  I’m particularly excited because the CapCityBand is playing on the main stage (1:45pm) and the gospel stage (4pm) today! Come on out and cheer us on.

All right I have to go practice for the five millionth time now.



4 thoughts on “H St. Festival

  1. Ooh thanks for letting me know! One of my friends lived just around the corner from H & Pizza, aka one of my favorite restaurants EVER, so I kind of fell in love with H Street a little too. I’ll definitely have to check this out (and snag some goodies from the food trucks!) today now!

    Good luck performing! 🙂

    j. parker

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