Al Calderon

I watched this video recently and found myself reduced to tears.  Not because it was a perfect performance or a favorite song, but simply because  of what it represented.  A young man (and his family… how much do we love his dad?!?!) who believed in his dreams and didn’t let fear stop him.  I could feel his nerves as he performed, but he went for it and the world cheered.

There’s something about when someone faces their fears that causes others to sit up and pay attention.  Perhaps it is because we are really just a world of people who wish we could do the same.  A world of individuals each struggling with the dreams inside of our hearts and each waffling between the desire to take the leap of faith and the overwhelming sense of fear that stops us.

no fear

It has made me think again about areas of my life where I might be allowing fear to dictate.     What am I missing out on as a result?  What could happen if I got outside of my comfort zone?  Ignored the voice that said, “You can’t.  That’s weird. You won’t succeed. You’re dumb. Everyone will hate you. Stupid!” and just did it anyways?

What could happen?

leap of faith

One thing, I’ve learned thus far in my life is that God is not a limiting God.  While fear tells you that you can’t, God tells you that you can. I will say that often times people mistakenly think of God as synonymous with rules.  Religion says that God is all about what you “can’t” and “shouldn’t” do.  Religion says that in order to please God or make him love you, you have to do a bunch of things, jump through a lot of hoops and then pray really, really hard that He’ll accept you.

That’s why I don’t believe in religion.

I believe in Jesus.  My experience with Him has been quite the opposite.  I’ve found that every time I have come to Him with a dream, his response has been bigger and crazier than anything I could imagine.  Our dreams are not a surprise to God.  He is the one who put them there to begin with, knows what we are capable of and has been cheering us on all along.

Fear doesn’t come from God, dreams do. 

Limitation doesn’t come from God, opportunities do.

He created each of us with unique gifts, value and wild dreams.

Whatever you do, don’t allow fear’s “NO” to replace God’s resounding “YES!” over your life!

So what is it, like Al Calderon, that you dream of doing one day?  Perhaps it is time to make the move, sing the song and take the leap.  It’s not too late and you’ve got what it takes.




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