WSP: Photoshoots & Friends

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Wow! This weekend was a doozy, amazing and exhausting all in one.  I was involved in not one, but TWO incredible photoshoots!  The first had me up at 3:30am on Saturday.  I think the last time I saw that hour was from staying up, don’t know the last time I actually woke up to see the sunrise.  Regardless, it was well worth it as we had a wonderful day of shooting for the 2014 Beautiful You Conference.  So many incredible images captured and I can’t wait to see how the conference’s theme “The Journey Continues” unfolds through the photos.  The second photoshoot (Sunday!) was a super fun creative collaboration with my friends, the amazing ladies behind Tomboy, Start Close In Styling and Lauren Modny Photography.  You’ll see some fun behind the scenes shot included in this weekend’s wrap up but they don’t hold a candle the incredible images that were captured.  Keep your eyes on this space.  Can’t wait to share more!

This weekend included … the “magic” hour… an old car named “Diana”… general craziness… a lot of cries to “work it”… a fun and modern twist on preppy… the Cliffs… Georgetown campus… an incredible little French cafe with delectable macarons…tulle, layers and layers of tulle… ANTM (why can’t Phil get his act together?)…piles of clothes and accessories… insanely cool graffiti…death defying heights (and I’m not just talking about the heels)… a new burger joint, TDB Burger (yum!)… freezing cold bike rides… a kick@#$ band that I am thrilled to be a part of (I’m just waiting for them to discover that I’m not quite cool enough)…Justin Beiber dance parties in the train station… trolley rides… most of all, quality time with people who mean the world to me.

Hope your weekend was just as fulfilling!



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