SMC : White After Labor Day

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If you’ve been following my saga here and here, you will know that I have placed myself on a “No Shopping” ban for the next 6 months.  Does this count as a saga? doubtful.

Craziness? Maybe, but not if you’ve seen my closet.


This is the new and improved version (Thanks Ella!)

As part of the challenge, every few weeks I will be partnering up with my friend Ella, Start Close In Styling to “Shop My Closet” and find new outfits from old favorites.  It’s so easy to get into a rut with our clothes and only wear the same things over and over again.  Our hope is that we can re-imagine some of those boring go-tos and inspire you to do the same in your own closet as we go. Feel free to join us and let us know about your own adventures in the comments!

So for our first edition of SMC, I asked Ella to help me take on the whole “Don’t Wear White after Labor Day” myth.  1950s woman

Photo via

I’ve never been one for pointless rules and in my book, this is just such a rule.  I like white, why would I exile it from my closet for over half the year?  Ella and I took an hour and came up with a bunch of fun ways to incorporate this color into a few more Fall-appropriate looks.

(pretty sure this was one of the most awkward experiences of my life… I much prefer to be on the other side of the camera. Thanks for being my photog, Nicole! )

Here’s what we did –

white cardigan + crazy patterned blue leggings (I never thought I’d wear) = a fun twist on the classic blue & white look for the weekend

white ruffly dress + edgy black jacket + black leggings + plaid heels (hello Fall trend!) = spring dress turned great Fall night-out option

white pants + military inspired jacket + an embellished top + sparkly ballet flats = feminine details are fun in contrast with structured items

white top with strong geometric pattern + b&w striped cardigan + black skirt + pop of yellow = twist on a neutral color combo that is both fun & work appropriate

white pants + wacky navy bird shirt + leopard scarf + blue & white striped scarf + gray booties + giant feather earrings = classic color combo gone quirky with an unexpected mix of patterns. (Ella is the queen of pattern mixing)

Who knew not shopping could be so fun?!?!

I’d love to hear how you are mixing white into your post-Labor Day wardrobe!



12 thoughts on “SMC : White After Labor Day

  1. I definitely always cheat just a little bit with the whole “no white after Labor Day” rule. I love white clothing because it goes so well with my tan clothing so it’s too sad for me to store it all away for half the year so I’ll subtly work it into outfits just like you did! It’s the best of both worlds that way! 🙂

    j. parker

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