“I Have Nothing to Wear!!!”

Have you ever found yourself in this situation?

No matter how hard you try, you are inexplicably incapable of finding that one outfit that will empower you to face your day.  Suddenly, that shirt that seemed so perfect in the store is the wrong shade of pink and those pants you were sure would give you moves like Jagger have unfortunately, given you moves like… your mom.

I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there unless, of course, you have Ice Ice Andrew’s shorts collection.

andrew shorts

Photo via

This feeling of “nothing to wear-ness” has only intensified after I embarked on my “No Shopping Challenge“. (Yikes! It’s only been 2 weeks.  It feels so much longer).  The urge to buy myself sparkly things has unfortunately not diminished, however I have been successful  in finding other ways to deal with stress.

That being said, I’ve know that there was something in my room that couldn’t be ignored too much longer…


That’s right, you guessed it! My closet.

It seems so innocent here doesn’t it? So clean and unassuming but just wait… (cue the Jaws music.)


Yikes!  The truth be told, despite what I might feel, I definitely have things to wear. A lot of things to wear.  In fact, based on the picture above… clearly TOO MANY things to wear.

I knew that I wasn’t able to conquer this on my own and I clearly needed professional help. So I called my beautiful friend Ella, of Start Close In Styling, and she agreed to come to my rescue!  Together we have developed a new recurring post that we’ll be talking about on our blogs called…. drum roll please…

Shop My Closet

If the name doesn’t give it away, I’ll explain.

Every few weeks, Ella and I will be collaborating to go through my clothes and create new outfits from pieces that already exist in my the recesses of my closet.  Ella has an amazing gift of mixing patterns, colors and generally re-inventing things I’m totally tired of.  I’ll be posting tips and pictures of my “new outfits” here.

In the meantime, you can follow our “No Shopping Challenge” Pinterest board AND we’d love to have you join along.  Feel free to post your own “Shop Your Closet” discoveries and link in the comments!  Tune in next week for my first edition of SMC style!

Happy Shopping!



10 thoughts on ““I Have Nothing to Wear!!!”

  1. this is fun, hann! almost like we’re living America’s Next Top Model: Real Life. we give you a 10 already. clearly, Beth is Tyra and I’m Bryanboy in our Top Model house.

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