Love Notes

Is there anything quite as fun as receiving a handwritten note in the mail? Every day when I come home from a busy day at work I scour through the inevitable pile of bills, magazines, store flyers and offers to “buy our house for cash” that accumulate in our mailbox; hoping for one handwritten note that simply indicates that someone was thinking of me.

My mom is amazing at writing notes.  She sends them for special occasions, when she knows I’m feeling blue or just because.  Her notes always include messages of encouragement and without a doubt funny faces. I don’t even think she recognizes this as a gift, but it is absolutely something that she excels in.   My little sisters are also following in her footsteps. Whether it’s a bedazzled missive indicating that my presence is requested at home post haste or a drawing of Daisy Duck (now featured prominently on my desk) they are learning the art of communicating value through handwritten (or drawn) messages.


It’s made me realize recently that this is a simple way of letting someone know that you care.  That you value them.  That you believe in them.  That they are not alone.

Your words, spoken or written, hold power.  Don’t take it lightly.  You can release life, purpose, hope, and sunshine through just a few words. You have the ability to make someone’s day with just a simple note.

Won’t you take a moment this week to “be the love” in someone else’s world and send them a note?

Here’s a few of my favorite spots to find oh-so-adorable cards; Rifle Paper Co., PapyrusPaper Source,  Minted,

Do you have a favorite place to buy note cards?  Am I the only one who jumps around excited when I get real old fashioned snail mail?



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