WSP: Wave & Warehouses

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I spent a few days at the beach last week,  so I’m going to cheat a bit and include photos from my adventures in VA Beach on this WSP as well.   I went down with a bunch of people from my church to attend Wave Conference 2013 and as always, it was awesome! The messages were incredible, the beach was beautiful and the memories fun.  The last few days were filled with… late night laughs at Max & Erma’s (and hot chocolate chip cookies)… Aerosmith… embarrassingly being caught dancing/singing in the car by myself… traaaaaaafiiiic (nothing like I-95 on the weekend)… outlet shopping and one little girl who clearly has superior modeling skills… Leroy LEroy… swimming in the ocean… sunshine & sand… National Geographic’s “The Serengeti Lion”The Red Apron… impromptu photoshoot between the warehouses (because why not)… Union Market… late night chats… the ANTM shocker (guys.. I mean really?!?!)… catching up with friends… yellow sneakers… awesome new developments with the BeautifulYou blog (more details to come soon!).

Hope your weekend was just as rewarding!



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