LocalLove : Lou Lou Boutique


I’ve been accessorizing my outfits from day one.  From the very first time I used a scrunchy to tie my over-sized t-shirt to the side, to the day I discovered the statement necklace; I have had a love-love relationship with accessories.  So you can imagine my absolute and total glee when I walked into Lou Lou Boutique this weekend.


The store is chocked full of colorful and sparkly goodness.  I could spend hours sifting through their stock, which ranges from neon clutches and swoon-worthy necklaces to studded bracelets and a rainbow of scarves.  On top of that they were playing a classic chick flick on the wall.  What’s not to love about a store that shows “Dirty Dancing” while you shop.

The ladies at the store were beyond nice and let me wander around snapping photos.  They even mentioned this great thing that they are doing this coming weekend. Check out their website for more details and like them on Facebook!


I would definitely suggest you visit them.  They have a number of locations around the DC metro area (Boston too!).

Happy shopping!



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