Just Say NO! to Normal

Have you ever found yourself crying over a car commercial?


Just me then.

I saw this ad recently and I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind.  The line in particular that keeps resonating with me is…

“Normal can never be amazing”

It caused me stop and think.  There can be so much pressure to fit the cookie cutter definition of normal.  So much pressure to be something… do something… anything.  Daily pressure to fit in.  To please people.  To not cause a stir.

Honestly though, where is the fun in that?  I’ve decided that normal is highly overrated.

We were each designed to be amazing.  To be different.  Unique in our giftings, personalities, looks… and everything else in between.  It’s our differences that add spice to life.  They’re what make it interesting.  Why would you ever settle for something less than what you were created to be?  Why would I settle for being anything less?

Today, let go of your preconceived notion of what is normal, what you think you should be…. Be Yourself!

You are amazing!



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