I [heart] Puerto Rico


Words can’t express how much I love Puerto Rico.  Not just the beautiful views, the vivid colors and the tropical climate, but the people.  I have met some of the most loving, inspiring, passionate, fun and kind people in Puerto Rico.

The first time I went to PR was in my senior year of High School.  I went with my Spanish class and my life was forever changed in that one, short week.  Through a series of events that could have only been God, I had the opportunity to return and live with an amazing family during my gap year before college.  I learned so much about God, life and myself during those few shorts months.  It opened a part of my heart that I hadn’t known existed and set me on a course that has truly been a wonderful adventure.

This past week was my first time returning in over eight years.  It’s amazing how fast time can fly, but it’s also amazing how you can pick up right where you left off.  I’m so thankful for the opportunity I was given to re-connect with a place and people I love so much.  Who knows where the adventure will take me next!



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