WSP: Antiquing & Audrey Hepburn

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Is it just me or do these weekends seem to be going in fast forward?  Perhaps it’s just because Summer is finally here, but I find myself wanting to make the most of every single moment on the weekend.  As is becoming the norm, I am sitting here on the cusp of the work week with a long list of things I had hoped to accomplish this weekend.  That being said, I am learning that it is often when you let go of the “to-do” list that the most important things happen… This weekend was no exception… it was filled with quality time with friends… antiquing… random deer heads…chopstick training wheels… birthday surprises…naps (wonderful, wonderful naps)… late night movies… an inspiring and thought-provoking message on Crazy Forgiveness…  road trips… goldfish… vacation planning (next week!)… exploring new neighborhoods…Old Lucketts Store… vintage china…and plenty of other random shenanigans.

Hope yours was just as fun!



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