I made a wonderful discovery recently…. H St. DC is now home to amazing guacamole.

I know…I know…this is  BIG news!

As I was strolling down H St. the other day I noticed that the corner of 9th & H St. NE is the proud new home of a fun latin kitchen and taqueria.  Tucked just a bit up the block, I saw a square, black building with the word “CHUPACABRA” emblazoned across the front flanked by two, oddly festive, goat skulls (here’s a bit more info on the legend of the Chupacabra).  The aroma of fresh made tortilla chips wafted through the air as I was almost inexplicably drawn through the doors of the new spot.  5 minutes later I was in possession of the aforementioned guacamole and two tacos which were equally yummy!  As I sat outside on their perfectly positioned picnic tables (umbrellas coming soon… I hope!), enjoying my meal, I knew without a doubt that I’d be back.  I haven’t tried their crazy hot Ghost Scorpian sauce yet!

I would definitely recommend that you check them out!  You can find more info on their Facebook & Twitter pages.



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