Take a second look…

There is beauty

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I am convinced that there is beauty to be found in every circumstance and in every person… including in yourself.

Sometimes it is easier to recognize the beauty and inherent value in those around us, than it is to see those same qualities in ourselves.  You would never say that your friends’ eyes are set too far apart or criticize their freckles.  Likewise, I doubt that you wake up in the morning thinking about how they failed yesterday and you would never in a million years call them fat and ugly to their face (if you’re saying that behind their back you may want to reconsider calling yourself their friend… it’s not nice.)

Yet, why is it that so often when we turn our eyes on ourselves we switch the filter?  No longer recognizing a faithful friend reflecting back at us but instead someone to be scorned and criticized.  We see who we are through a filter of faults.  Why do we speak to ourselves with the same animosity reserved for the worst of enemies?

Be kind to yourself.

There is beauty to be found in you.

Don’t focus on the things you would change.  Focus on the loveliness that makes you, YOU!

Today, let’s resolve to take a second look in the mirror… don’t miss the beauty staring back at you.



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