Salt & Sundry

This past weekend I discovered a new favorite place, Union Market.

I love the vibe.  It’s totally cool ( enough to make me feel cooler than I actually am, just by walking around). The produce is fresh.  The restaurants are fresher.Their is ice cream to die for. (try the Peanut Butter)

In the midst of this wonderland I stumbled upon a lovely little shop called “Salt & Sundry“.

Granted, I realize I may be late to this party but I’m hoping it’s fashionably late.  Just imagine me arriving with some fabulous hors deove’res hors durves… actually scratch that… just imagine me being able to spell hors d’oeuvres (thank you spell check) and arriving with glitter.  That’s probably more likely anyways. I can’t spell OR make whore durvs.

Ok… where was I?  Oh right… Salt & Sundry!  They are amazing! Such a fun store, chocked full of local yumminess, beautiful items that you can imagine were curated with much thoughtfulness and taste that again makes me feel that much cooler just by being in it’s presence.  Since I believe a picture is worth a thousand words (unless of course it’s your Senior Project paper.  Take my word for it, professors don’t always appreciate pictures and 20pt Comic Sans)  here’s a few shots I took during my recent visit.

I would definitely suggest you check it out for yourself!



5 thoughts on “Salt & Sundry

  1. I have been meaning to check out Union Market FOREVER – now that it has your endorsement it is getting bumped to the top of my DC Places to Visit list!

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