Inspiration Strikes…


I am a visual person.  I like color, sparkles, brightness, flowers … oh and did I mention sparkles.  None of this will come as a surprise to you if you have a) read more than one post on this blog or b) ever met me.


One of my most favorite things in my house is my “inspiration” board.  It’s nothing fancy but every few months I update it with a variety of colors, images and words that are making me happy.

These shots are from my most recent iteration of the board (snippets from the previous can be seen in the blog header) and all I can say is that looking at this in the morning makes me smile (especially when I can ignore the heaping pile of laundry underneath it).


Rain boots and ball gowns… yes please!IMG_9139

I think there’s something to be said for surrounding yourself with reminders of  what and who you love.  Life can get dreary (hullo… is Spring  here to stay yet?) and it is important to focus on the things that inspire you!


(this little beauty ^ is my friend, Gabby.  Gabby moved to Australia < I will refrain from singing the LAND DOWNUNDAH> She inspires me. I miss her)IMG_9138

One new element that I added to my board this go round is my list of resolutions.  Yes, I know, it’s not January, but as you will note on the list above none of my resolutions pertain to being on time.  I have to leave something for 2014 after all.

1. LOVE JESUS – seems like a given, but it’s not.  I need the reminder that He comes first and not just talking about Him or what I’m doing for Him.  Nothing can take the place of an honest personal relationship with Jesus.  Really everything else in life should flow out of that place.

2. BE SPONTANEOUS – I need to throw my plan out the window a bit more and leave margin in my life for the unplanned magic moments. (I see this one as problematic… mostly because I have a list, where I am planning to be spontaneous… something seems a bit wrong here.  Thank God for friends who excel at this. )

3. BE PRESENT – It’s so easy to get caught up in where you “should be” or where your friends are or in your future plans and miss the beauty of the current moment.  I’m aiming to disconnect from my phone a bit more and make a greater effort to be in the moment.

4. ACCEPT GRACE – This one’s a doozy.  Hi! My name is Hannah.  I am a perfectionist.  I am not however, perfect.  As such, I fail daily and daily, I am reminded of my need for grace.  Learning to accept and extend it is my journey.

5.  STOP APOLOGIZING – I’m sorry I’m not sorry!  Breaking the habit of “feeling bad” and taking on responsibility for things that are not mine to take.

6. BE HONEST – While I don’t make a habit of lying,  I’ve realized recently that I’m not always honest with myself about what I really think and feel.  I think part of honesty is owning where you are in the journey.  You may not have it all figured out and you don’t have to.  Be honest with where you are and take steps to move forward.

7. BE GENEROUS – Generosity isn’t just about money.  True generosity reaches to the very essence of who you are.  I want to be a person that is generous with not just what I have but with who I am.

8.  STOP COMPARING! – Comparison steals.  It steals your freedom, your joy and your creativity.  You’re not meant to be like anyone else.  Everyone has a different call and a different path to follow.  When we compare we lose our ability to appreciate those around us and it limits our ability to fulfill our own purpose.

9. BELIEVE THE BEST – Love believes the best, even when given the opportunity not to.  I want to live an un-offendable life.  That’s why I keep this reminder in front of me.

10.  BE CREATIVE – Creativity makes my heart sing.  I think it’s important to do things that make you  feel that way.  It’s easy to fall into a rut, but life is more fun when you go beyond the norm.

So those are a few of the things that are inspiring me and challenging me in this season.  How about you?  Are there anythings that are inspiring you right now?  Areas that you are challenging yourself in?  I’d love to hear.



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