WSP: Scones & Skittles

The 1980s have brought us many wonderful things… the color neon…. hair that reaches to new heights… JBJ…. hair bands…. slap bracelets… air heads… skittles… light brights… Bubblicious…but most of all, the 1980s are when my wonderful friend Nicole came on the scene. This weekend we had the opportunity to celebrate her AND the decade that brought her to us.  We threw her a surprise party filled with fishnets… aquanet…junk food (who knew so much of it was invented in the 1980s)… the ORIGINAL “Hey girl! Hey” aka Jon Bon Jovi…dancing… power ballads…. some of the worst best fashion I’ve seen in 2 decades (In other news, I don’t think neon is my color).

On top of her party, this weekend marked the 12th annual Beautiful You Christmas Tea at the historical Willard Hotel.  Of course, it was magical.  There’s nothing quite like having 300+ women in a room chatting over tea and crumpets.   Each lady sparkled.  It was especially wonderful because the incredible Chris Caine came and spoke.  She just published a new book called “Undaunted”, which I would totally recommend.

All in all another wonderful weekend. Hope yours was just as AWESOME!



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