WSP: Laughs & Luggage

Wait… What day is it? Did I miss Monday again??? Darn it! I’m going to blame it on jet lag that I got before I left… Left for where you say? Oh did I forget to mention? I’m in the Ukraine this week… You know, just chilling…

Well, this past weekend was SUPER fun and I would hate to skip it because of my current incoherence…. It was full of new friends…the bittersweet benefit and all its goodness… Spoken word… a LIVING photo booth… Anjelah Johnson… Tapas with Jen…Swedish immersion aka IKEA ….bunny trails…high school music flashback… bom qui qui…gorgeous fall weather… SAAA – curity… Roomie pizza date … Pampering and packing (definitely NOT the same thing)

Hope yours was just as wonderful!

Love always,


P.s. That luggage I worked so hard on packing decided not to join me for the last leg of my trip…grrr


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