WSP: Tweens & Twister

There are few things more fun than a birthday party…. especially when that birthday party is for a super fabulous, always cute, energetic, completely adorable, over-the-top fun, 11-year-old.  Maybe I’m a bit biased, but I think my little sister is AWESOME!  This weekend I got to celebrate her life with a gaggle of giggling girls (say that10x fast).  I was in heaven.  Let me tell you, I’ve finally found my target audience… preteen girls think I’m funny and complement my fashion choices… maybe because we like all of the same things, but it was definitely great for the self-esteem.   This weekend was full of balloons…every conceivable color of streamer… homemade pennants (and store-bought ones too)… cupcakes…candy… kazoos… a bonfire… s’mores… hide and go seek in the dark… jack-o-laterns…butterflies… I love Lucy… Leave it to Beaver… sparkly nail polish…dance parties…stripes…polka dots… milkshakes…and telephone ( I don’t know why I ever stopped playing that game… too much fun)

Hope your weekend was just as fun!


Love always,


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