WSP: Burlap & Bliss

This was a wonderful weekend for a wedding!   Sunshine and 70s.  Breezy and beautiful. We could not have asked for a more perfect day to celebrate Lisa and Wade.

I had the honor of working with them to plan their special day after a friend recommended Piccadilly to them. They are two of the most kind, thoughtful, compassionate and genuinely fun people I have ever had the privilege of meeting.  In keeping with their personalities, the event was just as wonderful.

The weekend was filled with celebrations… glorious details… coordinating (lots of coordinating 🙂 )… rustic doors… incredible people… fistfuls of wildflowers… Call Me, Maybe… playful pennants… dancing… surprise musical performances… Gundam Style… lots of laughter and amazing memories.

They also had a virtual instagram guestbook (which I took lots of the pics above from).  You can see more of the fun on instagram at #lisapluswade.


Hope your weekend was just as blissful!

Love always,


2 thoughts on “WSP: Burlap & Bliss

    • Hey Whitney! You’re right! There’s no way I could have taken all of those. The bride and groom actually had an instagram guestbook with a hashtag. Some of the photos I included above were taken by other guests. 🙂 It was such a fun way to see so many different perspectives on the day.

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