Love Always

Blogging is a very personal thing.  I find it is a constant internal battle about being truly yourself, but also not over-sharing.  I am always in awe of those who seem to have so effortlessly found their “voice” online.  It is not an easy thing and I feel like it is a daily 3x week somewhat regular thing I deal with.

I’m finding that a lot of it boils down to risk.  It’s risky to be honest.  It’s risky to be yourself.   I’ve been challenging myself recently to remove my filter.  I know what you’re thinking “if this is you filtered…?”

One of the reasons that I started blogging was because I wanted to share.  I am one of those people who believes that nothing you go through in life is ever just for your own benefit.  If I learn something, then I want to tell someone.   If you are reading this, then you opted in to be that lucky someone.  Aren’t you special 🙂

Way back when, I decided to name my blog “Love Always Hannah” because that’s how I used to sign my letters. (those things that gave you a hand cramp and you had to put a stamp on and if your recipient was extra lucky you might even put a sticker* or two on it)

I want my posts to be like letters to a friend.

Sometimes they might just be a magazine cutout with a giant heart circled around a product I love.  Other times they might be a funny story or life lesson I’ve learned along the way.  Every time, I hope yo will enjoy it and walk away knowing that YOU are loved and valued.

Now, all I have to do is actually start writing sometimes… hmmm.

Love always,



* I miss stickers… sigh… let’s have a moment of silence for stickers. 


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