WSP: War Paint & One Direction

Who greased the slide?  That’s what I want to know… These past few weeks have felt exactly like that.  Things have been moving forward at a breakneck speed and I’m just not so sure how I feel about that, especially since the number of available beach days are now numbered.

Fast as it may have gone, this weekend was a blast!  It was filled with 18th birthday celebrations (no, unfortunately not mine… 18 has come a gone)… tribal prints…Geronimo balloons… a live performance of “Call Me, Maybe”… war paint (because love is a battlefield)… late night pizza runs… fire alarms… incredible new worship songs (seriously… been listening to this on repeat)…the Smithsonian…movies…Zayne… girl chats…jumper cables… really just too much fun to handle!

Hope your weekend was just as WILD!

Love Always,


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