My Dad

This guy is the man in my life.  He’s my Dad.

Today’s his birthday.  In honor of his birthday, here are a bunch of random facts about my Dad (aka just a few of the reasons I love him):

He’s never met something he couldn’t fix.

He’s superman. (He just wears his cape on the inside… most days)

He’s really good at braiding hair.

When I lived overseas he used to write me letters to tell me what was happening in our favorite show (JAG)

He’s rendered completely powerless when any of his girls use their “pinky power”.

The only bumper sticker I ever put on my car was a “Daddy’s Girl” bumper sticker.

He believes in grace and he extends it regularly.

He lives what he preaches.

He believes in providing for his family, not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well.

He taught me how to sail.

When faced with setbacks, he just keeps going.

He’s my coach, my biggest fan and my greatest inspiration.

He used to let me dance on his feet.  He doesn’t appreciate it as much any more.

He’s an eternal optimist.

He taught me how to throw a baseball, how to swim and how to shoot a basketball and yet he’s never shown an ounce of disappointment when my sporting careers were short-lived.

He doesn’t understand my love of shoes.  He thinks you need one pair black and one pair brown.  (No one’s perfect)

He was my first math teacher.

He doesn’t shy away from tough decisions.

He was my first date.

He’s made it easy to believe that there’s a heavenly father that loves me as well.

I love you so much Dad!  So glad I get to have you as mine 🙂

Happy Birthday!

Love always,



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