The Reckoning

So the truth is… I didn’t just turn 30… I’m more like 30 and a half now… (at what age did we stop counting halves?)

Bottom line… I turned 30 and that little list that I was crossing off conveniently disappeared…

Unfortunately, it’d didn’t disappear and while I’d like to say that I can cross everything off my list… that’s just not the case…  so I’ve decided… I’m still in my 30th year of life… right?  I mean, it’s even less if I calculate it in dog years (4.29 years) or in daylights, in sunset, in midnights and cups of coffee then I’m still golden.

Therefore I give you…


If at first you don’t succeed… just keep going… so here’s my most up to date list:

  • ·       Go to a Broadway show
  • Start playing the piano again
  • ·       Travel to Cali
  • ·       Vacation somewhere warm
  • Take a language class
  • Write a Children’s Book
  • Learn how to use Photoshop (I’m learning sloooooowly)
  • Blog at least 3x week (still working on consistency)
  • Take Voice Lessons
  • ·       Start my own business
  • Take a Dance Class
  • ·       Take a Road Trip
  • Lose weight (work in progress)
  • ·       Grow my hair out
  • ·       Do my part to fight Human Trafficking
  • ·       Go to a Hillsong Event
  • Create a savings plan to buy my own home someday (I have the plan! Sticking to it is proving harder… yikes!)
  • Bike to work
  • ·       Find my favorite mascara
  • ·       Go to a Women’s Conference
  • ·       Learn how to apply fake eye lashes
  • Organize Photos
  • ·       Find the perfect gift for my Dad (He said it’s ME)
  • Learn how to cook (this may take the rest of my life… I’m not going to lie)
  • Read 10 books
  • Be a more generous person
  • Stop drinking Soda (I fell off the wagon.. :-/)
  • ·       Go Sailing
  • ·       Clean out my Blog Reader

Anyways… lots more to go and I’ve been adding to the list in my mind…. my latest bucket list item…swimming with dolphins!!! Sooooo want to do that!

What items are on YOUR bucket list?

Love always,


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